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We are the number one producer of scannable fake IDs with security features and guaranteed to pass under UV.

Security features

Our product showcase offers updated novelty IDs of almost every state. Our licenses bypass Hologram, Bend, Blacklight (UV), Barcode & scan tests.

Our coverage

The technology and techniques at our disposal allow us to emulate the necessary security measures. Neither you nor the bouncer at the bar will be able to spot anything amiss. Our cards are the best in the business.

No long wait or delays! We know that you’re eager to party, so we don’t make you wait around. We have a streamlined process in place that ships our IDs the moment they are ready. Just make your payment and sit back; your ID should reach you as soon as possible


We provide rush shipping (overnight shipping) with a turnaround time of 3-5days and flat rate shipping with a turnaround time of 25-30days providing you with a picture of the card and a tracking number

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