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California Fake Medical Marijuana ID: comes with the following features:
a seal on the top right Conner
a logo of public health department
r demographic information. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining a driver’s license along with other legal documents to meet your overall demands
more also com of skillful technician and our services are reliable.

Protection for parental rights (Health and Safety Code 11362.84)–People who use medical cannabis in accordance with Prop 215 can’t have their custody restricted based on this reason alone.

Protection from arrest if carrying more than one ounce (Health and Safety Code 11362.71(e))–People can still be arrested if the police believe that they are carrying more than their doctor would allow (like 30 lbs in their trunk) or they have other cause to believe they are violating the law. But they have to prove probable cause.

Larger cultivation allowances in many jurisdictions–Local ordinances often make more allowances for medical cultivation than they do recreational. Also, in some places that don’t allow outdoor cultivation of recreational, they do allow outdoor medical cultivation.
Lower age limit for commercial medical purchases–If you are between 18 and 21, you’re still legally allowed to purchase commercial cannabis from a medical cannabis retailer or an adult cannabis retailer that also has a medical cannabis license.
Access to more dispensaries across the state–Many counties are only choosing to allow commercial medical sales, not adult-use fake id online

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7 reviews for California fake Medical Marijuana ID

  1. drug king

    thank man for the card…. no i can smoke to the arctics .. no cops will scare me now,, it was scannable

  2. clara bricks

    thanks man i got the package….. do well to always use DHL

  3. Bobby Rabon

    process was fast and easy. i got my tracking number this morning, and i placed my order about a week ago. my payment was processed through bitcoin. order number is 21123 sorry i can’t give you 5 star until i receive my package

  4. Donna Perine


  5. Hilda W

    when am i getting my tracking number?

  6. John M. Miller

    Get the best quality 🆔 CARD for all types of all countries . He is the best

  7. Nuguse Amanuel

    we gonna smoke now to the fullest my boy friend got a new id

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