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Fake Connecticut Drivers License
Buy our Connecticut fake drivers license meets up the Road testing criterial offered by DMV Hub offices. Taking the Road Test at a DMV Office. See what you need to do to take the road test at a DMV office.
Description: The CT License is a Flexible plastic card, the back has a 1D and 2D barcode. The license must have a Connecticut address and not an out of state address.

Printing Material: The Connecticut fake id is made using Teslin with PET lamination to replicate the texture and feel of the ID. It has a total thickness of 27mil to match the real license.

Term: Current issued Connecticut licenses have a 5-7 expiration for original issued licenses. If the license is a renewal than the expiration is 6 years from the issue date.

Security Features

A Ghost image with over-lapping laser perforation in the shape of a whale.

The UV consists of wavy lines, an airplane, a whale and an outline of the USS Connecticut submarine on the front.

The drivers license number is 9 digits unspaced. First two are encoded with a DOB.

The back of the ID has a UV Ghost image

3 Color OVD hologram on the front of the ID card in the shape of a flower

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23 reviews for Fake Connecticut Driver License/ Connecticut Fake Driver License/ Premium Connecticut Fake Driver License/ Scannable Connecticut Fake Driver License/ Connecticut Fake ID/ fake id Connecticut

  1. kelvin brown

    Thank i have receive and now i do believe you and the quality

  2. Elsie K. Linton

    thanks i will recommend you to others

  3. Joshua Herrera

    Can i have my tracking number? its been more than 12 hours now.. please contact my through +1 (215) 531-8892

  4. Catherine W lanselort

    i couldn’t believe how this procedure was so simple until i got my drivers license. its great last week i did open an account and there was no complain. susan was right about your service. thanks

  5. John Leblanc

    with the help of my girl friend rozy, l ordered a DL from receiving it right now. it looks great i recommends it to everyone who needs a DL

  6. Joyce J.

    My friends and I used a while ago so I have nothing but good things to say about them which is why I’m using them again. I was told on dec 18th that my order would be updated and maybe shipped soon and on thr 23 dec i got my order

  7. Frances Br

    Hi Jack! I ordered from you guys on December 8th and I’m very excited to receive the package. Check out process was very easy and you guys did a great job on how do it! I was wondering when I do get them though, what’s the best way to check to scan them?

  8. Sumiko R. Clark

    It’s been 2 weeks, and it still says ” in progress”, i was wondering if you could give me an update.

  9. Sex Doctor

    The price is fair enough for this quality. I like the product I got, so I think will order more here.

  10. John Brown

    The only legit guy for any form of ID

  11. Eric S

    my wife an I ordered fake IDs just after our marriage as a joke in case things did not work out, mine looks great, hers will arrive next week.

  12. Emilie Jørgensen

    AMAZING IDs! I was really worried that I was going to get scammed but they were super discrete about payment and shipping! They give you a tracking number so I was able to track where my shipment and it took about a month. Everything looks so good – printing, reflective things, etc. I have yet to see if it scans but I think it will. Highly recommend!

  13. Matthew W. Brown

    Quick process so far however my order says, “shipped” but it has not arrived yet and it has been more than 21 days. Still waiting but i have a digital copy of the card already so i know what it looks like

  14. Juanita K. Hartley

    I found the right plug for ID on here
    . At first, I thought it was a joke but he did a good ID.

  15. Kingley wallang

    This is a legit site! It took about 2 weeks for my ID to come. It looks really good and scans. thank you soo much!

  16. Caitlin J. Bartee

    What an incredible company. So easy and so fast for how far they came. Discrete payment and packaging. Even sent a free product. I don’t understand any of the bad reviews on here because everything was fantastic. I emailed them about the tracking for one of my packages and they responded in a quick manner. 10/10 will be ordering more soon thank you so much

  17. Michael E. Waite


  18. Marisa R. Chon

    The customer service and overall experience was flawless. They were very professional, friendly and accommodating to my requirements.

  19. Tegan Ashton

    I received a scannable id very soon after ordering. I am delighted with it and use it for driving and clubbing. An excellent product

  20. D. Fleming

    Definitely recommended. Never faced any kind of difficulty while ordering from their service. Thanks Jack team for helping me in providing fake DL.

  21. Gauthier Rochon

    Fast efficient and best value
    Thank you

  22. Joseph Cousins

    Amazing service I bought a id and the following day I noticed it was cheaper at a competitive site

  23. Milton Scott

    Guys, this site is soooo good, trust them! Secure payments, secure and very fast delivery system..i use this site since last year

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