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Connecticut fake ID
We use the newest template as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our Connecticut IDs.
Printing – The bendable Teslin.
Graphical Features:
The State Animal – A Sperm Whale, an airplane on the upper-right, an orange color circular flower design in the center and, some other landscapes in the background.
All the elements on the front are opaque as required and the Guilloche lines give a fine tamper-proof look to the license.
A real id golden star.

ID Card Functions:
Laser-write – The Sperm Whale laser-perforation on the top of the duplicate photo of the Connecticut cardholder can be seen with the help of backlit.
Holograms – The digitally crafted and purple-colored flowers and, the green ones of the leaf in the center shine, when viewed under different positions.

Micro – A Fine micro-printed complex pattern on the front of this forged license like a real one.
The flower and state outline letters “CO” print on the back.
We use high-quality tamper-proof laminates for this license.

Ultraviolet Elements:
Under Black light it will expose the UV printed state outline “CONNECTICUT” in the exact italic font that the DMV uses. These will locate at two different places along with “The Sperm Whale,” a submarine located at the top of it and “The Airplane,” all in temperature-sensitive ultraviolet ink.
The back of the card comes with a duplicate photo of the Connecticut license-holder along with the DOB in UV.

Does it Scan?
Yes, We encode your Connecticut license with a 2D bar code generated by our premium software which is exclusively ours. This will confirm your credentials on the license to the fake id online

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24 reviews for Fake Connecticut ID Card

  1. kathy walang

    I found the right plug for ID on here
    . At first, I thought it was a joke but he did a good passport and ID.

  2. Takeman Brown

    Ordered last Sunday with a friend to reduce costs and get the deal, arrived Tuesday (5 days to arrive.)

    Payed with bitcoin which was annoying to set up however makes the card come much faster and reduces risk of cash getting lost in the post.

    Be aware this card will most definitely not work in clubs or places with bouncers

    Overall I would recommend this card, it feels relatively good, the holograms are very authentic and it should do the job at the pub or supermarket. If you want to get an ID to get you into clubs I would suggest the dark web however these will be expensive, though worth it.

  3. Loy Daniel

    thanks man i got the stuff. i left some reviews on you tube keep up

  4. Carol Padilla

    Get the best quality 🆔 CARD for all types of all countries . He is the best

  5. Jennifer D.

    Was wondering when my shipping information will be up? I ordered over a 2 weeks ago, I’ve ordered from you before and never have had an issue.

  6. Judith Brown

    Thanks bro but one of my card is broken how will i be compensated

  7. Alan H. Munn

    Best service ever !! thanks again for order follow up / new orders they are the best

  8. N. Pruden

    jack did some great work to make sure my DL was out at an early point in time. this guy is legit

  9. Rezene Zula

    Thanks jack for the great work

  10. Blandine Chukes

    This was my 10th order from

  11. WO v

    Definitely recommended. Never faced any kind of difficulty while ordering from their service. Thanks Jack team for helping me in providing fake ID.

  12. Brian Smith

    Awesome in every way, thank you guys.

  13. Adam Martin

    Please the card is close to real i when to club and it was scannable but i checking with a real card it 80% close. why not make the card to be 100/100

  14. Megan W

    I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. I was kept informed on the steps towards shipment and when my package was on its way. I can’t wait to try the goods👍🏻👍🏻

  15. Nathan B. Corbitt

    They were helpful, just last question how long does it usually take for it to be shipped my shipping address?

  16. Naomi Watts

    Great products, good prices, fast delivery at a good price.

  17. J. Davis

    Very happy with the entire transaction. Thanks!

  18. C. Tammaro

    Better than the last card i bought from

  19. Clifford A. Neff

    This is my 3rd order (ive been making $ on the reselling for my sorority). as usual quality is 10/10 and shipping was a little slower than usual but got here in time

  20. Vachel Racine

    Very smooth process. No issues.

  21. Pat Adame

    Vindoline got 2 id from this guy he is pretty cool. but it seems he is over crowded with work so it took more than the require time for him to produce my id. The id scans i confirmed it yesterday with my bank

  22. Colman Jerry

    Very easy to fill and answer questions

  23. M. Bueno

    Perfectly in time for my trip! I’m so excited I received it in time and I’m so happy with the communication I had with the ID maker via email. He responded within minutes almost every time and he was super helpful. 5 stars for sure!

  24. Joseph

    Increase the quality of service….Thanks

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