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Buying a fake Maryland ID had never been easier. It comes with the following features: scannable bar code, a star and limited team at the top right hand Conner. We use the newest template as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our Maryland IDs.
1. Free duplicate. With rush shipping available for an additional fee.
2. Same Teslin material as a real ID.
3. High Quality, Microprint and Multispec hologram overlay.
4. Real Holograms with color matching to a real ID.
5. Scannable on all scanners
6. UV ink in the shape of the state as well as repeating “NEW JERSEY” ensures that this ID will pass under a black light test.
Design – Printing – The bendable Polycarbonate.Graphical Features:

    • The laser-engraved “CRAB” printed in pale-blue color.
    • A grey-colored real id star.
    • The laser perforation in the shape of snowflakes through the front of the ID.
    • The state name “MARYLAND” in tactile printing.
  • It features “THE FLAG OF MARYLAND” on the front.

ID Card Functions:</strong

  • Engraving – Laser-write date of birth on the ID along with the license number makes it difficult to distinguish from an actual Maryland driver’s license.
  • Holograms – It does not have any Holos instead, it comes with a changeable duplicate mini-portrait of the cardholder. This technique allows multiple photos to occupy one area with the help of a laser.
  • Backside – comes with a colorful ghost image of the cardholder.
  • The Maryland Department of Transportation logo “MDOT” comes printed in green texture on the back.
  • The Transition Effect – This feature is one of the hardest to alter but we proudly claim that “ FAKES ID MAKER” clones it.
  • It allows the printed “STATE HOUSE OF MARYLAND” on the back in the center position to change the original color to another one and then come back to its previous one by tilting it.

Ultraviolet Elements:

    • An ultraviolet printed “SEAL OF MARYLAND” and, “STATE OF MARYLAND” on the front.
    • The back contains “MDOT” and, the state outline in invisible ink. The mini-portrait on the back also illuminates under Blacklight.

Does it Scan?

  • It comes with a 1D inventory control number and a 2D QR code which reads Maryland license credentials from the front and confirms it with scanning.

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8 reviews for Maryland fake Drivers License

  1. Laurel Leed

    i highly recommends this vendor to anyone who need a fake dl. their services are pretty good

  2. Margaret Lampert

    AMAZING IDs! I was really worried that I was going to get scammed but they were super discrete about payment and shipping! They give you a tracking number so I was able to track where my shipment and it took about a month. Everything looks so good – printing, reflective things, etc. I have it scans . Highly recommend!

  3. Walter Lewis

    Hi Jack I order a fake id and got it already I just have a question do they work at dispensary that scan

  4. Jim Grindstaff

    So, my first order was shipped a couple weeks ago and it was first shipped with UPEX express.

  5. Jim Grindstaff

    So, my first order was shipped a couple weeks ago and it was first shipped with UPEX express.

  6. Mukhlis Bakr Issa


  7. Leslee Zama

    They are TOP quality and we’ve never seen another vendor that even comes to the quality of the id

  8. Stevie B. Nunes

    Great procedure i ordered with supper express and got a digital copy after 24 house. i have use the digital copy its cool just still waiting to receive my hard copy

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