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Michigan fake Driver License
It comes with the following features.

Design – We use the newest template as used by the DMV in 2019, to make our Michigan IDs.

Printing – The bendable Teslin.

Graphical Features:

  • The header has a blueish colored “Bridge” printed on the top featuring one of the iconic Michigan landmarks.
  • A Tricolor version of “The Bridge” appears and disappears when the ID is tilted at different angles.
  • A real id star.

ID Card Functions:

  • Perforation – The first four letters of the state “MICH” are laser-perforated into the card stock making it more secure. It is viewable when the ID is backlit.
  • Holograms – An OVI on the front that says “MICHIGAN” looks exactly like the actual license.
  • Micro – The waves of micro-printed blue lines across the front.

Ultraviolet Elements:

  • A mini-portrait or ghost image of the cardholder along with the Date of Birth on the back of the ID illuminates under Blacklight.
  • The “Great Seal of Michigan” on the front viewable under black light.

Does it Scan?

  • Yes, A 2D QR code on the back with encoded information available for verification, in addition to the existing magnetic stripe and 1D bar code.

31 reviews for Michigan fake Driver License/ Premium Michigan fake Driver License/ Fake Michigan Driver License/ Scannable Michigan fake Driver License/ Fake id Michigan

  1. Melissa j

    If you want a fast and real looking ID trust this vendor

  2. helman cool

    with the help of my friend Sylvia, l ordered a DL from and receiving it right now

  3. Clovis G Greek

    with the help of my friend kelvin, l ordered a DL from receiving it right now. it looks great i recommends it to everyone who needs a DL

  4. Drankson lamblia

    i got my package please change your customers service person

  5. Marcus Merry

    Had a great experience ordering the items needed can you please verify my order number before I pay and how I can change my order from credit card to bitcoin?

  6. Debbie Lopes

    i have not receive the package can someone contact the shipping company on my behalf. i just move from the address i gave . i will incur the cost of reshipment. thanks …. my friend helen received a card yesterday and extend her gratitude but refuse to write a review because she says to her its not necessary ..

  7. 테니스 베팅

    Best view i have ever seen !

  8. Jean G. Jenkins

    i have been seeing his reviews on YouTube so i just made up my mine to deal with him. his procedures straight forward with the help of jack. how i hope all buying online procedure will be this simple. i got my parcel 3 days after i paid for priority shipping this guy is cool

  9. Julia G.

    The only id vendor i’m ever dealing with waited 4 months and that never came, but i place my order in less than a week ago basic shipping, got a confirmation right away and got the IDs 7 days later. Amazing experience 10/10 recommend.

  10. Patricia R. Ferguson

    Looks very natural. I haven’t tested it anywhere yet, but I’m sure that it scans. The support was very friendly and helpful.

  11. W. Carson

    Ordered on December 11 and just received it in the mail today December 31th. Just under a month turnaround time and the team was very professional with any questions I had. Good experience and anyone saying they are a scam are just trying to put their business down!

  12. Marina I. Pritt

    Best Michigan ID I ever saw. fast delivery and perfect quality. Would recommend!

  13. J. Jacoby

    Thanks man for the great service okay… i appreciate

  14. Joan cool

    Best Fake Ever , i cant even tell the deference from my real Driver license , thanks Larry

  15. Patrick A. Davis

    My friends and I used a while ago so I have nothing but good things to say about them which is why I’m using them again. I was told on dec 18th that my order would be updated and maybe shipped soon and on thr 28 dec i got my order

  16. Marius Larsen

    Thanks man package received 10/01/2021

  17. Mackenzie Walsh

    still waiting for my tracking information

  18. Kat V

    you are my plug …. i will recommend the quality of your service to everyone

  19. Kenneth W. Shea

    Thank you, excellent rapid service, looking forward to the weekend!! thanks again

  20. Irene J. Barcenas

    Very good service and quick delivery

  21. Kennedy Wal

    Excellent service, delivered to UK in 7 days since first making my order.

  22. Carla T. Rudolph

    They have a very good assortment and high quality ID, I recommend!

  23. Ellie Chandler

    The goods are received well within the timeframe promised and the quality of the product is very good too

  24. Jenelle C. Trejo

    Fast delivery. Good service.

  25. oxvow

    excellent article, i love it

  26. Christine J is superb!

  27. R. Hunt

    Minor flaw is that there are bits of dust or tiny hairs inside the card, which does make it annoying for neat freaks like me

  28. Talbot Louineaux

    this company completely worked with me to complete my order. i would order from them again in future; their service is reliable.

  29. Roberto B. West

    Easy to navigate website. Found what I wanted quickly. Very pleased with the process throughout.

  30. Ruth Branham

    Quick fast shipping and amazing customer support whenever I needed a question answered. Will recommend for sure

  31. Dale Douglas

    I’ve had mine for a while and its been good but can you fly with it?

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