UK Fake national id card

1. Free duplicate. With rush shipping available for an additional fee.
2. Same Teslin material as a real ID.
3. High Quality, Microprint, and Multi spec hologram overlay.
4. Real Holograms with color matching to a real ID.
5. Scannable on all scanners

We use cutting-edge design principles and technology, combined with state-of-the-art card manufacturing systems to make the best quality fake ID you can get.

Thickness 0.03 inch
Dimensions 84.30 × 51.43 mm
Shipping California
Method DHL, USPS, FedEx. and others
Delivery 2-3 days overnight delivery, 7-10 flat-rate delivery.
Material Teslin

With machinery costing many thousands, you can be guaranteed your card will be the highest quality available. Integrated UltraViolet and Holographic layers make our ID cards visually impressive.

Our retransfer card printers reproduce the card designs in Ultra HD quality, securely laminated with our custom holographic overlay.

Learn more about plastic card terminology, or browse our extensive card range now.


-Young people over 21 years old cannot enjoy wine and friends at the same time, because birthday parties or graduation parties are no exception.

-For modern young people who can’t go out to parties and drink, this is really difficult. Our company provides excellent solutions for minors.


The UK fake ID cards we made will help everyone enter any nightlife place and get alcohol. Our customers are minors facing the same problem.

These days, you are already free to choose; they visited all the discos, bars, and liquor stores they wanted.

They can also go to the nearby supermarket to buy a few cans of beer or a bottle of wine or something.

Our fake IDs are equipped with all necessary security features, including barcodes, holograms, and magnetic stripes.

Therefore, our UK fake IDs can be 100% scanned in all nightclubs and are highly protected from being detected by the special machines used by the guards to verify IDs at the entrance of the club.

USES OF UK fake drivers license

Our UK fake driver’s license can be used for online verification, clubbing, in the grocery stores to buy alcohol and tobacco, renting a car and driving in both age and underage individuals, opening a bank account, gambling, acquiring a job to put on extra hours above your age, etc.

More also buying fake UK ID cards path away from the stress of getting a real UK id which is a lengthy process and requires the stress to go through a driving exam.

Buying UK fake driver’s license or id will also go a long way to replace a missing id/license and also those whose real UK ids has been confiscated by the cops

Our UK fake id that scans is there for you to take care of all your worries on UK fake id for sale, buy UK fake id online, scannable UK fake driver license, UK driver license shop online.

Can you buy alcohol with it on the strip or get into a club? Definitely, if you look at age. Good look if you have a baby face though! Just make sure you have all the information memorized.

If you are using a UK fake driver’s license in a different state that you live in, make sure to memorize some important landmarks, cuisines, and factoids.

This helps if there are any questions about it. Also, don’t be cheap on the UK fake id! Go for a quality one. Good thickness, scannable, holographic marks, etc….This can make all the difference.

On another note; if you are with a group and everyone bought the scannable UK fake driver license from one place and yours is from a place halfway across the country, this is an eye-opener.

Just be cool and act like you’re legal and have done this before. Being a female makes it’s way easier as well. Find another group going to the club, join up with them in line. Less likely to draw attention to yourself.

Buying alcohol or tobacco at a Grocery store with your UK fake driver license

Most cashiers are taught how to identify UK fake id cards. Even the best efforts miss the details that cashiers are taught to look for. Moreover increasing number of stores require the cashier to scan your UK driver’s fake id or license into the POS hence the need to buy a quality fake id with a scannable barcode, not just a put-in-place fabric.

The scanned bar code contains your date of birth. If the UK ID doesn’t scan, is expired or the customer is too young, then the sale doesn’t proceed. Alternatively if the ID scans, the customer is old enough and the UK ID isn’t expired then the sale proceeds.

Things that can lead to your arrest when using a UK fake id

Nervousness, anxiety, putting your head down, turning feet away from the cashier, tongue jut, i.e. he looked like he was trying to get away with something.




19 reviews for UK Fake national id card | Fake UK ID | Premium Fake UK ID | Fake ID-UK

  1. Tody

    Thanks sir for my id

  2. Carlos S. Mann

    hey man will i get my package by week end? for my friend who place his order 2 days before mine just showed his to me….. i am happy his card is just the same when we compared it to my brothers card….. hope mine will be the same too

  3. Daniel N. Davis

    i was unable to place an order here a week ago. thanks to jack who collected my information and make sure my order process. i received the card a week after i place my order. the card is 100% accurate. i attest this vendor to be legit

  4. Nelda Jordan

    please i received my id but don’t you think many clients will come to your wall and will be unable to place an order ? that add cart stuff s not here. thanks for the assist jack i got my id

  5. Catherine Snyder

    kind of can;t find some where to place my order. can jack help me

  6. 스포츠에 베팅

    Best view i have ever seen !

  7. Jackie Howard

    I ordered 5 fake IDs from At first I was afraid I got scammed, I paid through Western Union and then never got any payment confirmations, tracking, anything. I spammed them, like seriously sent 30 emails maybe. they finally responded with payment confirmation and tracking. (we paid over $800 for the DLs plus expedite). Finally got them around one month later, they look great. Showed my boy and they compared to their real DLs, looked legit. Felt good, worth the money. It’s been almost 3 years now, and I’m turning 21 in a few months. Still have my fake IDs, never got them taken cause they look GOOD
    please to see our product category you have to screw down towards the end of the website okay. there you will find category and from there you will get to our different products

  8. Shit man

    This site is working so fast and very honestly. Worked at all clubs. I recommend everyone should to try. Thanks

  9. Della D. Barnes

    I just received my tracking number and the delivery agency also issue me a mail to confirm my package was on its way

  10. Lillian E. Quinn

    Excellent service, really happy with my ID. Would order from you again in the future.

  11. Eva J. Tackett

    Very fast and reliable. Takes the worry out off ordering and I know they always arrive on time .

  12. J. Morris

    I found the right plug for ID on here
    . At first, I thought it was a joke but he did a good passport and ID.

  13. Bruce S. Rey

    Awesome service and process so far! I ordered exactly a week ago and just got an update that it has shipped. I emailed them once and got a reply within hours. thank you!!!!

  14. Terrance Zimmer

    Thanks for my dl

  15. Glenda J. Grier

    Ordered from here and the first shipment of IDs got lost in the mail so he sent me my order and 2 extras with express shipping for free. He responds to emails really quick and is very helpful. Great looking IDs couldn’t have asked for better

  16. Tammy Walton

    I have used this for the past 2.5 years and love it. We have also gotten a few friends to order.

  17. Gary Cyr

    Cannot fault them.. professionals from start to finish. Customer service was prompt, the card quality was identical to real IDs and the shipping speed was prompt – about 13 days from when I ordered. Being able to pay with bitcoin was an added bonus.

  18. Echavarria

    Very communicative and simple.. my ID looks great and original. Also, the shipping was fast and easy to track. Happy to hire them!! thank you legitvendor for your services.

  19. Cynthia Medlin

    Printing over two of my cards is fine. I especially requested the legitvendor to focus a lot on the photo & signature. Glad, they did it. Looks 100% real.

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