Fake IDs come in many forms, including borrowed and stolen real IDs, newly created fake IDs, and altered (forged) real IDs. Even if the ID is real, if it does not belong to the person presenting it, if the machine-readable data on that ID is incorrect, or if it has been altered, it’s a fake ID.

They are easily bought in person from (typically) dorm room operations or “novelty” ID shops in certain areas of town. 

They are also easily bought online from international and domestic fake ID operations without a trace of the transaction or payment. 

Access to fake ID sites can be done anonymously and is often done on a disposable device, called a “burner” laptop or phone.

It’s hard to ever honestly have a definitive sense of whether it’s a good vendor to purchase quality scannable fake ID and/or Fake driver license. It all comes down to your personal interest in fake IDs and your understanding of what fake id is. It’s important to note that this guide is not a recommendation on whether or not to buy.

-Search for a vendor online 

-Check reviews on the review platform to know if the vendor is trustworthy or not

-contact the vendor either on live chat or any method on the website to make an inquiry about the process of buying a fake ID

-Search for the state Fake ID you need on the website

-Add to cart and proceed to checkout

-Fill in the required check-out information. 

with some vendors, you will be required to upload the picture and signature Whereas others will request you to send the signature and picture via email.

-Contact the vendor to make sure your payment is confirmed and ask for a turnaround time.

Most vendors will just ask you to wait and that’s a wrong signal because they have been conducting this process a can tell how long it will take to produce a fake id.